Railroads currently spend millions of dollars on maintenance activities associated with surface related defects each year. These activities include surfacing, cribbing, spot undercutting, and installing trench drains. Many locations continue to fail and require the railroad to send maintenance crews back to the same location, time and time again, and again, and again…



Why not install a product that eliminates these costly repeat activities?

Mechanical Concrete is the answer!

Load bearing tested up to 7 times stronger than existing products and materials.

Prolong the life of railroad assets such as turnouts, railroad crossing diamonds, insulated joints, bridge approaches, and road crossings.

Can also be installed to strengthen those short stretches of track riddled with “mud” or “fouled ballast” that never seem to go away.

 Mechanical Concrete can also be installed “out of face” to address longer stretches of track, in order to meet units of property, so that it can be funded on both the OE and Capital sides.

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EnviroRail is bringing its exclusively licensed and patented “game changing” infrastructure improvement product that is 100% eco friendly to the railroad industry by essentially “recreating the hard pan” under the track structure, reducing (if not eliminating) repeat maintenance activities associated with poor track surface conditions.

EnviroRail wants to team up with those that are serious about bringing “new & innovative” ways to reduce (or eliminate) costly repeat maintenance activities, create more velocity by increasing track availability, and create a more robust, safe track infrastructure.

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Civil Construction Services

  • Land clearing

  • Site preparation

  • Excavation

  • Grading

  • Temporary access road construction/maintenance

Load Adjustment/transfer


  • Shifted loads

  • Overweight loads

  • Load securements

  • Trans loading

Emergency Response Services

  • Inclement weather events

  • Nautral disasters

  • Train Derailments

  • Snow removal

  • Product recovery/removal 


Right-Of-Way Land Clearing Services

  • On-track & Off-track brushcutting

  • On-track & Off-track herbicide spraying

  • Mulching & Chipping

  • Mowing

  • Vegetation Management

Track Maintenance Services

  • Rail replacement

  • Tie replacement

  • Track surfacing 

  • Track welding

  • Track undercutting

  • Switch undercutting

  • Track panel replacement

  • Bridge panel replacement

  • Bridge drift removal

  • Culvert maintenance

  • Switch component maintenance

  • Bank Stabilization

  • Pile driving

  • Ditching

  • Vacuum truck operations

  • Storm repair/Washout repair

  • FRA certified track inspections


Track Construction Services

  • Turnout construction and installation

  • Road crossing construction and installation

  • Crossing diamond construction and installation

  • Culvert installation

  • Track construction

Material Distrubution/Inventory Management Services

  • Material delivery

  • Material distribution/staging

  • Inventory management

  • Scrap material reclamation

  • Track removal/abandonments



Envirorail is a nationwide services contractor serving the railroad industry. These services include: civil construction, right of way land clearing, track construction, track maintenance, material distribution/inventory management, load adjustment/transfer, and emergency response. 

Envirorail's executive team has over forty years of class 1 railroad experience. Our people make the difference! Our dedicated and dynamic workforce is comprised of former class 1 railroad industry professionals.




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